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Self Mastery

Self Matery

 “El verdadero poder es dominarse a uno mismo.”

In order to truly have power and control over our lives, we have to bring the mind and the heart together. It’s very hard to try and understand the matters of the heart and even harder still to apply reason to emotions;nonetheless, it is crucial to try to figure out why we do what we do and feel what we feel. But we can’t be all reason and no emotion and we can’t be all emotion and no reason. Like in most things in life balance is key. You can’t allow your emotions to control you and at the same time you can’t attempt to control all your emotions. You can have the best and smartest brain in the world but it is useless if you don’t have heart. Likewise, you can have the biggest and kindest heart in the world but it can go to waste if you don’t know where and how to apply it. We have to find the right balance between the two. A Ladakhi Monk from Kashmir, in the Indian-Tibetan border once said “Just like the two wings of a bird must be balanced for it to fly, so one cannot attain enlightenment unless wisdom is accompanied by compassion.” It is those that can control and bring together their hearts and minds that will have true power.


Earth Godess

Earth Goddess

In you resides the same love and refuge I found in nature.All that is beautiful in this universe finds its roots at the same source and that’s where the special kind of love that you and I share and thrive in resides. I tap into this special place through your kisses, your hugs, your caressing, your touch, your embrace, through your love. You are my earth goddess, echoing your presence in all breath-taking forms of creation. All the beauty in this world is a passage to your heart and a window to your soul.

You’re my sunrises and sunsets. You were drawn by same hand which paints its majestic portraits everyday when the sun comes up and when it goes down. You’re a magnificent combination of colors, an awe inspiring experienceYou’re the beautiful foliage and tint that give a New England Fall its beauty. You’re my snowflake, my peaceful falling snow in the winter. You’re softly, gently caressing winds that sooth and refresh my face, body and soul and it’s your name I hear being whispered by the wind.

As gravity pulls the leaves down once they detach from the branches in the fall, you are my gravity, and If I fall, I will gravitate towards you. You came into my life and planted a garden in my soul. You’re my rebirth and flourishing spring and in every beautiful blossoming flower, it’s you that I see.

You are the soil where I will plant my roots allowing me to expand and grow. Just as a tree grows upwards towards the skies, drawn towards the light, you’re my light in the sky illuminating my life. You sprouted love inside my chest which blooms in my heart every time you put your beautiful brown eyes on me. A love that flourishes like a blossoming flower, unfolding its beauty unto the world.

You’re every butterfly in gracious flight, a soaring example of beauty and freedom. You’re the feeling I get when i’m relaxing at the beach. You’re a bright summer sun warming up my life.  You’re my eternal vacation and there is nowhere else i’d rather be or go.  You can make a lifeless and dead winter feel like a warm and bountiful summer. You are ocean and moon, Luna y Mar. You can make storms rise beneath my skin.

Out of the eternal sea of stars which make up the cosmos, you are the shooting star which crosses my sky, my wish come true. The same serenity I feel when I see myself reflected in calm waters, I feel when I see myself reflected in your eyes. You’re my tranquility, my peace. You’re an ocean of Romance and your waves of passion will continually and eternally crash on the shores of my soul.

You’re the air to my lungs, the breath to my life and I would be lifeless without your love. I feel you with every pump of my heart and with every inhale and exhale it’s you that I breathe. Wherever I am or go, there is always something which reminds me of you. Even without looking for you, I find and see you everywhere.  Sometimes I think I must have your face tattooed on the back of my eyelids, ingrained there forever, because no matter how paradoxical it may sound, when I close my eyes It’s you that I see.

You are where I belong and my heart is yours to keep and treasure. I can never have enough of you, I can never get too close, I always want more. What I feel for you goes beyond desire, it’s more like devotion. Devotion is the continuous flow of desire towards a goal and you are my goal and destination, my eternal devotion.

With you I feel invincible, capable of anything and I will seek you continuously because in you and our love lies this inexhaustible source of energy. Your love gives me the same driving force that has pushed all the great achievers of our species forward, the force that propels humankind to flourish. You are my destination, my beauty, my reason, my purpose, and my destiny, in this life and the next, for the rest of time. You are my karma. Our story will repeat itself, over and over for eons.

The continuation of this soul stretching, heart pounding, life enhancing love we share might be the whole purpose of the Universe, the light which illuminates the vast darkness. The force that draws me to you is incomprehensible, way beyond my narrow understanding, but very real and potent.

You’re simplicity and complexity infused in one and I understand you without knowing why or how. You’re harmonious and whole and like nature you are beautiful beyond measure. I stand in awe before you and I am eternally grateful for the nourishment you provide. Now that I found you, I could not live without you, you are my sustenance, my fuel. You’re my love, my refuge, my breath, my inspiration and muse, my everything. You are my earth, my goddess, the one I admire and am devoted to, the one I praise and your song I will always sing.

For Her

Hard Work and Creation

Great Zen Pencil Illustration to the words of American screenwriter, director, and producer, Shonda Rhimes. Best known as the creator, head writer, executive producer and showrunner of the medical drama television series Grey’s Anatomy. Shonda’s words remind us that Dreams don’t work unless you do.

 In your mind lies the birhplace of any creation process. In the dreaming, the thinking, the imagining. Like Swami Vivekananda said when talking about success, “Take up one idea. Make that one idea your life–think of it, dream of it, live on that idea. Let the brain, muscles, nerves, and every part of your body be full of that idea, and just leave every other idea alone. This is the way to success.”

But in the path towards the success that is accomplishing your dreams there will come a time when you have to put the mental visualization on the back burner, strap on your boots, and get to work. It’s important to visualize your dream, what you think you attract. The law of attraction is as real as the chair i’m sitting on, which I can see and bang my knuckles on. But this cosmic attraction won’t chase you around, it then becomes your responsibility to actively seek it. You have to work your way, day after day after day, towards your goal. Don’t fall into the trap of the wishful thinkers, who think and talk a lot about their dreams, but never inch their way towards them. And it’s not easy to take the dreams out of our heads and manifest them in our reality. Accomplishing our dreams is hard work but we must have faith and conviction and  generate the motivation necessary to carry through with them.  Our dreams can come true but only through hard, dedicated, disciplined WORK. There is no way around this, what you reap is what you sow. So don’t be discouraged, no matter how big the climb. If you don’t attempt the ascent, you’ll never know the thrill of swooshing down the other side. Like always, keep growing, in the light direction.


Shonda Rhimes on hard work


The Miraculous Migration of the Monarch Butterfly

The monarch butterfly migrates to Mexico by the thousands every year. The local people, the Mazahua, believe that the monarchs represent the spirits of their ancestors. They consciously chose to believe the monarchs are the spirit of their lost ones, and they make them so, by believing. If you believe it you make it so, at least in your own reality. And your own reality is the only one you can experience and live, your own reality is the only one that is real to you. Why not believe in such a beautiful thought? For the Mazahua, the arrival of the butterflies begins a celebration called the day of the dead. What a better way to pay respect and homage to your loved ones? They build altars for their loved ones and decorate them with gifts of the things they liked. The ceremony is beautiful and very important, we have to appreciate life, but also respect death. And perhaps what’s most important is that they truly see the monarchs as carriers of the spirit of the departed who come once a year to say hello. You can also think that they are just some insect, mindlessly following a migrational pattern that is biologically ingrained in them. It’s up to you what you chose to think. You can chose to make what you want of this reality. With your thoughts you turn objective reality into your subjective one. It was Einstein that said, “There are only two ways to live your life. One is as though nothing is a miracle. The other is as though everything is a miracle.” I chose to believe in miracles, in magic, in wonder, in beauty, and in love. I choose to look at the butterflies and think of my loved ones, and you know what, for that short period of time I will feel connected with them. For that brief and fleeting moment, the spirit of my loved ones will be alive, with me, in the shape of a beautiful monarch butterfly.

Mariposas viajeras y migrantes -la raza
Sadly, not all is beauty and love in this story, monarch butterfly populations have decreased at an alarming rate in the last 20 years. Why this is happening is hard to pin-point but evidence points to the high use of pesticides and fertilizers. Also, as the climate of the world continues to go awry, these delicate creatures die off in the millions, since their systems can’t handle the extreme weather changes. How sad for this world that these beautiful and amazing creatures are slowly disappearing. Sadder to think that it’s not only the butterfly that’s disappearing, how many species of flora or fauna have gone or are going extinct? The list is endless and it continues to grow every day. This brings to mind a writing by Uruguayan author Eduardo Galeano titled Los Desaparecidos(the disappeared or missing):

August 30th, The day of the Disappeared.
Disappeared: The dead without tombs, the tombs without names.
and also:
native forests,
the stars in the night of the cities,
the aroma of flowers,
the flavor of fruit,
hand-written letters,
the old cafes where there was time to lose time,
kids playing in the street,
the right to walk,
the right to breathe,
secure jobs,
secure retirements,
houses not hidden behind bars,
doors without locks,
the sense of community,
and common sense.

We cannot allow the beauty and the good in the world to go extinct. The disappearance of the Monarch butterfly would be heartbreaking, terrible and wrong. Butterflies are a beautiful marvel of creation and they also represent many wonderful things. They represent freedom. They symbolize the right that living beings have to freely move. Many humans have to migrate in order to survive just like the butterflies. The monarch butterfly begins its trip in mexico in the spring and head north into Canada. The first generation dies a month into the trip, getting about a third of the way there into the southern US. The second generation lives about another month and gets up into northern US. The third generation also lives for one month and gets all the way up into Canada. But the special fourth generation, heeds an unknown and inexplicable call, and heads back south, living about 3 months making it all the way back into Mexico. It’s a mystery how the fourth generation is able to show up at a place it has never seen before. A place the butterfly had been 4 generations ago. There is a hidden, mysterious and magical force which drives them to the place of their descendants, to a place of their dreams, were all the monarchs re-unite and come together to survive the winter. The Immigrant is like the butterfly in many ways. He takes off into the unknown, taking steps down new roads, sometimes armed with nothing more than a vision, nothing more than dreams, and with resiliency, courage, and determination they go after them.

We all have the freedom to fly with imagination, just like a butterfly. I hope they don’t join the other species who have gone extinct but our world is in turmoil, the great extinction continues, climate change continues, the situation keeps getting worse. Will we wake up in time?

“Pues la Mariposa, verdad, es símbolo de que los americanos pueden hacer una cerca lo mas alta que puedan y siempre pasa la gente, siempre pasan los pájaros, las mariposas y todo eso. Ese cerco no puede parar ideas, no puede parar el amor.”

-Rene ‘El Padrino’ Yanez, Curador

“The butterfly, really, is the symbol that America can build the biggest fence they can but people will always get through, birds will always get trough, the butterflies and all that. The fence can’t stop ideas, it can’t stop love.”

“There are dreams on this side as well” de este lado

Accion Poetica, On the Mexican side of the Mexico-US border

liberty left


Migration is Life

Monarch Migrant

Camino Interno Part 3

Camino Interno

(parte 3)

There exists no map or a GPS that can tell us which way to go. Nothing and no one can tell you what to do with you experience, only you can decide on the direction of your life. You have to out-do your struggles and fight your own battles, after all it is YOUR journey. We all have to make our own life-changing decisions and we have to face the great challenge of life ourselves. We will make mistakes and wrong decisions, it’s part of the human experience, but we must live with them, and ALWAYS learn from them. Fools are those who allow their mistakes to continually repeat themselves over and over again. If we don’t learn from out lessons we keep having them, in-prisoning ourselves in a vicious cycle until we learn our lesson and we can grow and upgrade to next level along our path. If you made mistakes and headed down the wrong path, remember that it is never too late to change the direction of your life and become who you want to be. If you find that you’re not proud of the person you have become and the life you are living then change the course of your life. While you exist you are allowed to start over as many times as you want. Moving forward along your path you will face new and different obstacles and it is you who must face them. You have to struggle and wrestle with them until you finally overcome them.

All I can give you as a word of advice is to listen to the whispers of your heart and trust your instinct, your own inner voice. No matter how faint and dim, our inner-voice is always there, we just have to quiet down the noise of the mind and pay attention to it. When the mind is quiet you can hear your inner thoughts, your conscience, which guides us faithfully. We have inside us the faith that all gods provide.

God lives within us all. I’m sorry to break it to you, but god is not overlooking life from a castle in the clouds. God is here on earth and he lives within us all. This makes us all special and unique beings, we have inside us all the marvels and wonders of the universe. We have to accept our own magnificence and make our lives reflect this primordial truth. The light lies within each and every one of us all we have to do is find it, cherish it, and share it, reflecting light unto others.

Admire the greatness in others and know that you too can be great. You have a powerful thinking brain capable of anything, limited only by the power of your imagination. You have the resilient spirit of a warrior inside you. Be strong, be smart, and don’t be afraid. We might not have complete and total control over our lives, shit happens, i’m not ignoring that. There are things that will happen to us which are out of our control, but it is within us to chose how we react to every situation that life throws at us. In this way, we do have some say in the happenings of our lives. We have to control what we can and not allow the of immensity of life to overwhelm us. No task is beyond us. Like the Yakut teaching,

“When the blizzard lashes the taiga, only a fool tries to face it and struggle with its power. But only a fool abandons himself to it and lets it blow him where it will. The wise man leans against it and lets it push him slowly, slowly, so he can pick his path and find his way to safety.”

We have to adapt this saying to our lives and slowly and consciously direct our lives through this crazy freak storm we call life. Listen to yourself, connect with you conscience and look for the wisdom to make the right decisions. Whatever decision you make, wherever you go, make sure you go with all of your heart. Be grateful for each day, put one foot in front of the other and keep moving forward. Trust Your Instincts and Follow Your Heart, whatever that means to you. Like always, keep growing, in the Light Direction.

The last of the Human Freedoms

have heart

Find your truth


Camino Interno

(part 2)

“Espero que los puentes que queme iluminen tu camino”


We have to be bold because our life is our message to the world. We must keep driving forward into uncharted territories. We have to dive into the unknown head on and with high spirits and continue forward on our journey of growth. At times we will slip, and we might even fall, but even when the news are not what we hoped for or expected, we have to pick ourselves up, put one foot in front of the other, and keep moving forward. We generate the light needed to illuminates the darkness. We must have courage and heart and allow the light within us to light our way. We have to remember that the paths we chose to burn along the way ignite like giant bonfires. So let them burn and allow the light they emit to illuminate the way for others, helping them to maneuver through their own unique paths. Our life is our message to the whole world. I hope you take advantage of it.


Tenemos que ser audaces por que nuestra vida es nuestro mensaje al mundo. Debemos seguir adelantándonos hacia territorios inexplorados. Debemos lanzarnos hacia lo desconocido con optimismo y fuerza, continuando en nuestro viaje de crecimiento. Van a haber momentos en que vamos ha pisar mal y nos vamos a resbalar, y veces que nos vamos a caer. Nunca tenemos que rendirnos por que rendirnos es resignarnos a seguir viviendo. Aunque las noticias no sean las que esperábamos tenemos que levantarnos si nos caemos, poner un pie frente al otro y seguir hacia adelante. Debemos tener coraje y corazón y dejar que nuestra luz interna nos ilumine el camino. Nosotros generamos la luz que ilumina la oscuridad. Al pasar de etapa a etapa por la vida, al cruzar nuestros puentes, marcamos nuestros caminos y los encendemos como una gran fogata. Deja que quemen y la luz que otorga le iluminara el camino a otros para ayudarlos a maniobrar por su propio y extraordinario viaje. Nuestra vida es un mensaje a todo el mundo. Espero que lo aproveches.

“Tu vida es tu mensaje al mundo. Asegurate de que sea inspirador.


Solo hay un Camino y es Interno

El Camino Interno

(part 1)

“La cosa mas difícil de la vida es saber que puentes quemar y cuales cruzar”

Decisions are hard in life

It’s hard to choose which path to take but it’s part of the human experience. We must make decisions which will ripple into the future and shape our destinies. We are co-creators of our lives, the architects of our own futures and this realization entails us with great responsibility. We have the power to create our lives but it’s not easy to decide on its direction. How do we know which way is right? Do we make the big move to a new place? Do we take the job? Do we change careers? Do we risk? Do we rise or do we fall? It’s impossible to know today, but with time, there are no secrets and everything will be known. Your life is being written as you live it and nothing can be hidden, least of all from yourself. There will come a day when your life will be measured out in front of you in order to see how it all the turned out. And in your judgment day it doesn’t matter wether you face god, aliens, or a big giant mirror which reflects back the person who you truly are, for it will be you who will judge your decisions and your actions. When your life comes to a close you will see it wholly, and in its totality you will be able to see which decisions were right and which were wrong.

But what do I know? Some think that this journey is already pre-written and no matter what, you will end up where you are going. Maybe there is no such thing as a wrong or right decision, but rather, just the things we do, in order to create the situations which we need to continue on our evolutionary journey. Evolution is growth and life must evolve for it is it’s purpose to do so. We have to continue on our path towards happiness and continue to grow and better ourselves, mentally, physically(while we can), emotionally and spiritually. It’s said that what’s meant to be will find its way, but even if everything is pre-destined, how you maneuver through life and dance to its rhythms makes all the difference. You can allow the river of life to push you towards your destination or you can grab the sails, take the wheel and enjoy one hell of ride. You can flow with the waters, take life by the horns live, feeling fully awake and alive. How we live and react in our lives is up to us. It is all we have.

 (Español parte 1)

Es difícil elegir el rumbo de nuestras vidas pero es parte de la experiencia humana. Tenemos que tomar decisiones hoy cuyas consecuencias se proyectaran hacia el futuro formando nuestras vidas y ayudando a cumplir nuestros destinos. Somos los arquitectos de nuestros futuros, los co-creadores de nuestras vidas y esta realización implica una responsabilidad enorme. Tenemos el poder para crear nuestras vidas pero no es fácil decidir la dirección que debemos tomar. Como saber cual camino es el correcto? Tomamos el trabajo nuevo o seguimos en el mismo? Nos mudamos a un lugar nuevo? Cambiamos de carrera? Arrancamos algo diferente? Nos arriesgamos? Cual camino nos ayudara a avanzar y cual nos conduce al fracaso? Es imposible saberlo hoy pero en el tiempo no hay secretos y todo se sabrá. Tu vida esta siendo escrita mientras se vive y nada se puede esconder, mucho menos de ti mismo. Va a llegar el día en que tu vida va a ser medida frente a ti para poder ver como salieron las cosas. No tiene mucha importancia si te enfrentas con dios, con Allah, con Aliens o con un espejo gigante que te refleja quien eres de verdad. Somos nosotros quienes vamos a juzgar las acciones y las decisiones que tomamos. Cuando tu vida llegue a su cierre y quede entera y completa, en su totalidad podremos ver cuales decisiones fueron buenas y cuales malas.

Pero, yo que se? Tal vez nuestro viaje este predeterminado y no importa lo que pase, siempre vamos a llegar a donde tenemos que llegar. Tal ves no existen las decisiones buenas y las malas, si no simplemente lo que hacemos para crear las situaciones que necesitamos para continuar en nuestro viaje evolutivo. La evolución es crecer y la vida debe evolucionar ya que es este su propósito. Tenemos que seguir continuamente por nuestro camino de la felicidad, continuamente creciendo y mejorando, mentalmente, físicamente (mientras podemos), emocionalmente y espiritualmente. Si todo esta predestinado, como maniobramos a través de nuestra vida y bailamos sus ritmos hace toda la diferencia. Podemos hacer la plancha y dejar que el río de la vida nos arrastre hacia nuestro destino, o agarramos la manija de nuestras vidas, las velas de nuestros barcos y disfrutamos de nuestro pilotaje. Se puede fluir a través de las aguas, tomando la vida por los cuernos, sintiéndonos vivos y completamente despiertos. Como vivimos y reaccionamos en la vida es nuestra decisión y es es todo lo que tenemos.

Architects of our own fortunes